Immobilien Balaton Ungarn

Rental Property Buying and Selling
Balaton Hungary
Until August 2019, only objects were displayed on these pages

Kft. "NSB" in Hungary, professionally and professionally engaged in finding suitable and suitable real estate objects or land for your own or for your planned investments in Hungary, especially around Lake Balaton - with focus on To help West Balaton.

The seat of the company was located near the university town of Keszthely, the capital of Balaton. Not far from here is the spa town of Hévíz with its world-famous thermal lake and thermal springs.

Unfortunately, the owner had to stop her service for personal health reasons.

I am not a real estate agent and I do not want to become one anymore for reasons of age. If I succeed with these sites a similar comeback in 2020 and Hungarian realtors offer their objects here, I forward your request immediately to the responsible Hungarian real estate office.
I understand myself only as a mediator between interested parties and brokers and like to forward customer inquiries to brokers. A contract between you and me does not come about. You owe me nothing and I do not owe you.

I ask you therefore, please keep away from mail requests, unless you are interested in the few luxury properties on the north side of the lake.
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The major sites of Lake Balaton

















Lake Balaton (Hungarian Balaton) is located in western Hungary and is Europe's largest lake.




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